Accessories are items that affect your characters appearance, but offer no statistical bonuses. These items are purely cosmetic and only one can be equipped at a time.

Rank 1Edit

Name Acquirement Description
Angel Halo PQ10
Glasses (Cell Games Commentator) PQ21
Glasses (Turtle Hermit 1) PQ20
Goku Wig PQ10
Great Saiyaman's Bandana 1 PQ29
Great Saiyaman's Bandana 2 PQ33
Mustache Glasses PQ50
Piccolo's Turban

Accessory Shop: 2500z


The turban Piccolo wears
Power Pole Shenron - "I want a rare item!" Wish
Sedge Hat Accessory Shop: 800z The sedge hat Tien Shinhan wore. Stoic and awesome!
Sunglasses (World Tournament Anncr.)

Accessory Shop: 800z


The favorite sunglasses of the World Martial Arts Tournament commentator, famous for his many great lines.

Rank 2Edit

Name Acquirement Description
Angel Wings PQ34
Dr. Gero's Hat PQ27
Glasses (Gohan) Accessory Shop: 4000z
Goku Wig (Super Saiyan) PQ18
Great Saiyaman's Helmet Accessory Shop:
Krillin's Cap Accessory Shop:
Master Shen's Hat Accessory Shop: 3500z
Ninja Katana Accessory Shop: 4000z
Old Model Scouter (Blue) Accessory Shop: 1500z A blue scouter from two generations ago.
Old Model Scouter (Green) Accessory Shop: 1500z A green scouter from two generations ago. Bardock and Fasha used these.
Pilaf's Hat Accessory Shop: 3500z
Soft Hat Accessory Shop: 4500z

Rank 3Edit

Name Acquirement Description
Android 19's Hat Accessory Shop: 8000z


Chi-Chi's Helmet Accessory Shop: 12000z

(Female Equip Only)

General Blue's Army Cap Accessory Shop: 8000z
Hercule's Wig Accessory Shop: 15000z
King Kai's Hat Accessory Shop: 8000z
Old Model Scouter (Purple) Accessory Shop: 1500z
Old Model Scouter (Red) Accessory Shop: 1500z A red scouter from two generations ago.
Ox-King's Cap Accessory Shop: 10000z
Ox-King's Helmet Accessory Shop: 10000z

(Male Equip Only)

Scouter (Blue) Accessory Shop: 4000z The scouter model Nappa used.
Scouter (Green) Accessory Shop: 4000z
Sunglasses (King Kai) Accessory Shop: 10000z
Tapion's Sword PQ22: Speak with Trunks
Yamcha's Sword Accessory Shop: 7000z A sword like the rough one Yamcha wore when he was a bandit.

Rank 4Edit

Name Acquirement Description
Banadages The Mummy's Head Accessory Shop: 40000z
King Kai's Wings Accessory Shop: 35000z
New Model Scouter (Blue) Accessory Shop: 13000z
New Model Scouter (Green) Accessory Shop: 13000z
Scouter (Purple) Accessory Shop: 4000z
Scouter (Red) Accessory Shop: 4000z
Sunglasses (King Kai) Accessory Shop: 10000z
Sunglasses (Turtle Hermit 2) Accessory Shop: 18000z
Turtle Hermit's Beard Accessory Shop: 30000z
Turtle Hermit's Shell Accessory Shop: 25000z
Turtle Hermit's Staff Accessory Shop: 20000z
Z-Sword PQ35

Rank 5Edit

Name Acquirement Description
Arale--chan's Cap Accessory Shop: 100000z
Arale--chan's Poop Stick Accessory Shop: 100000z
Banshou Fan Accessory Shop: 45000z
Fortune Teller Baba's Hat Accessory Shop: 55000z

(Female Equip Only)

Gohan Mask Accessory Shop: 60000z
Master Korin's Staff Accessory Shop: 50000z
New Model Scouter (Purple) Accessory Shop: 13000z
New Model Scouter (Red) Accessory Shop: 13000z
Saiyuki Hood Shenron - "I want to dress up!" Wish
Launch Wig*

Accessory Shop: 800000z

(Female Equip Only)

A wig resembling Launch's blue hair. Maybe your personality will change if you sneeze?
Mr. Popo's Turban* DLC PQ 1
Spike the Devil Man's Head* DLC PQ 1
Pan's Bandana** Accessory Shop: 80000z


Pan's favorite bandana.
SSGSS Goku Wig*** Inventory
Tagoma's Scouter**** Accessory Shop A visor shaped scouter worn by Tagoma in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F'.
Turtle Hermit Set*** Inventory Three-piece set of Sunglasses (Turtle Hermit 1), Turtle Hermit's Shell, and Turtle Hermit's Beard to become the ultimate Turtle Hermit.

*Requires GT Pack 1 DLC

**Requires GT Pack 2 DLC

***Requires Movie Costume Pack DLC (Free)

****Requires Resurrection "F" Pack DLC

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