Health: 80

Ki: 70

Stamina: 20

Basic Attack: 40

Strike Supers: 0

Ki Blast Supers: 90


Body: Ultimate Turtle Hermit Costume/Uniform

Legs: Uniform

Hands: Training Temple Gi

Feet: Battle Suit (Gohan)

Accessory: Goku Wig

Z-Soul: Now I'm FURIOUS/

Skill Set:

Super 1: Meteor Blow (Skill)

Super 2: instant transmission (other)

Super 3: Galick beam cannon (Skill)/Saturday Crash (Skill)

Super 4: Maximum Charge (Skill)

Ultimate 1: super black kamehameha

Ultimate 2: Super Kamehameha (Skill)

Evasive: Break Strike (Skill)

Description: Updated based off of DBXV2's version of Goku Black.

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