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DBXV's Example BuildEdit


  • Health: 30
  • Ki: 45
  • Stamina: 25
  • Basic Attack: 65
  • Strike Super: 50
  • Ki Super: 50


  • Body: Uniform
  • Legs: Uniform
  • Hands: Uniform
  • Feet: Uniform
  • Accessory: Angel Halo
  • Z-Soul: I'm an Android

Skill Set:Edit


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DBXV2 BuildsEdit

My Example Build:

Striker Saiyan


  • Health: 60
  • Ki:100
  • Stamina:20
  • Basic Attack:
  • Strike Supers: 0
  • Ki Blast Supers: 100


  • Body: Gogeta's clothes
  • Legs: Gogeta's clothes
  • Hands: Gogeta's clothes
  • Feet: Gogeta's clothes
  • Accessory: whatever you want
  • Super Soul: Now it's my turn.


QQ Bang:


QQ Bang Stats (hp/ki/stm/atk/str/bla)

Skill Set:

Super 1: Super Mad Dance

Super 2: Rakhasha's Claw

Super 3: Burst Rush

Super 4: Sledgehammer

Ultimate 1: Dragon Fist

Ultimate 2: Impulse Slash/Timeskip Molotov/Darkness Rush/Justice Combo

Transformation: Future Super Saiyan

Evasive: Hyper Movement


Example, don't edit

Player Builds

(Current Level Cap: 80, 332 stat points)

Majin BuildsEdit

Saiyan BuildsEdit

Earthling BuildsEdit

  • Earthling god of destruction(strike build)
  • Health:90
  • Ki:60
  • Stamina:60
  • Basic attack:80(70 if you wanna be more balanced and change ki to 70 as well as stamina)
  • Strike super:50
  • Ki Blast:40
  • QQ bang:increase hp,ki and basic. (if it lowers stamina or ki blast its fine focus on your ki and hp to survive long fights)
  • Z soul:I am not a monster I am the devil (broly super soul)
  • Arm Crash (use this as your main gap closer and also break the stamina out of trasforming opponents or when they use thier supers close to you.P.S if you time it right and they use justice rush its possible to break their stamina as well)
  • Ginju force special combo:this strike super doenst let your enemy z vanish and its good for mixing into your combo)
  • Savage strike (this is your main persuit attack use it after a smash or stamina break for a quick and easy half a hp bar worth of damage)
  • A fighting pose that boostes your hp or basic (or if you wanna be cheap use that pose that lets you be invulnerable) if you think your stamina or ki goes down too quick use maximun charge or that slap on the cheeks move (I forgot the name)
  • Perfect kamemeha or black kamemeha (use this after a heavy stamina break or stamina break/ savage strike/ kamemeha for maximun damage .Doesn't work on female majin due to their stamina recovery)
  • Impulse slash/sword of hope/justice rush (depends on how you want your character to be)
  • Potential unleash (only transformation really , flying nimbus its bad)
  • The level required for this build its 95 it won't be good for pvp untill level 45 if you balanced your stats well. It will also land you in a lot of toxic messages as a male earthling. Side note if you use backflip instead of arm crash you will be hated by everybody in ranked.

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