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Cell is the "perfect being" created by Dr. Gero. This character can be unlocked as a playable character by completing the Cell Saga

Mentor Edit

As a Mentor in Xenoverse 1, Cell teaches you 4 Skills.

  1. All Clear (Skill)
  2. Gravity Impact (Skill)
  3. Perfect Shot (Skill)
  4. Perfect Kamehameha (Skill)

Trivia Edit

Like all mentors, Cell has race specific dialogue.

  • Human: "I have taken the life energy of many earthlings until I became this form. If you were around, maybe there wouldn't have been as many victims. Hehehe..."
  • Saiyan: "I have an aggressive side to me. It seems to be an effect of cells of Saiyans. Thanks to you, it's difficult to suppress my aggression."
  • Namekian: "Your clan has surprising powers. Not only of your regenerative abilities. I'm interested in your ability to fuse with one another to power up. Looking back, my ability to absorb may be based on Namek cells."
  • Frieza Race: "My body also has Frieza's cells in it. Think of me as a distant relative of yours.
  • Majin: "Speaking of which, I have no data on you Majin. But I'm in perfect form, so I have no need for your strength anymore. You dodged a bullet... Hehehehe..."

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