Emperor's Sign is a Fighting Pose technique used by 1st form Frieza in Dragon Ball Xenoverse.



The technique's effect

This technique is a Fighting Pose used to inspire ones allies. Frieza uses the same pose in Resurrection 'F' . However, the aura is purple instead of navy blue. In Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, it has different effects depending on the user's Race.

Effects by RaceEdit

Increases allies attack power. Produces a red aura.


Causes Allies to recover Ki. Produces a yellow aura.


Causes Allies to recover Stamina. Produces a green aura.


Heals by slowly recovering allies health. Produces a Light Blue aura.


Frieza's race
Increases allies movement speed. Produces a Navy Blue aura.


Video Game AppearancesEdit

Emperor's Sign was named in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse where it appears as one of Frieza's Super Skills. It can also be learned by the Future Warrior during Frieza's Training as the Warrior's Master.

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