• Health: 50
  • Ki: 0
  • Stamina: 100
  • Basic Attack: 100
  • Strike Super: 50
  • Ki Super: 0


  • Body: Broly Garb/Bardock Battle Suit/Time Patroller/Whis Gi/Whis Battle Suit
  • Legs: Broly Garb/Bardock Battle Suit/Time Patroller/Whis Gi/Whis Battle Suit
  • Hands: Broly Garb/Bardock/Whis Gi/Whis Battle Suit
  • Feet: Broly Garb/Bardock Battle Suit/Time Patroller/Whis Gi/Whis Battle Suit
  • Accessory: Scanner/SSGSS Wig
  • Z-Soul: Guess we should fuse into Vegito...

Skill SetEdit


Ultimate face punching build. ATK damage up the wazoo and STM to out last your opponent forever. With no Ki Meter and plenty of STM Meter aim to knock your opponent down so you can get off Kaioken X20 / Justice Pose. With Kaioken X20 on take advantage of 9-10 bars of free vanishes and boost by out-maneuvering your opponent, forcing them to use up their STM Meter and then 40 hit combo them into oblivion. With Ki, do much the same except shorten combos to get guaranteed hit Super Drains off to extend Kaioken X20 even longer. As a result, it can be advantageous to hold off on Kaioken X20 until your Ki maxes from punching them. When low on STM Meter and KI Meter your best bet is to Kaioken, expend the rest and recharge faster at the risk of being exposed or if you have Ki Meter, light combo into Super Drain.

Basically, try not to have less than 4 bars of STM Meter, two dirty vanishes out of their combos will probably be enough to make them waste all of theirs in dirty vanishes.

Afterimage is useful for dodging dangerous moves for free and Justice Pose gives you a bonus on top of the bonus you get for transforming AND the bonuses you get from the z-soul.

In the unlikely even this doesn't work, go Super Saiyan 2 on their asses and spam unblockable Destructo Disks. Its not much of a back up plan but it might work long enough to score a kill.

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