This build is best used if your more of a balanced blast and strike fighter and can deal with the low Ki and Stamina bars, but you have a high blast and strike super's/ultimate's, so you have to be aggresive.


Max Health: 14

Max Ki: 48

Max Stamina: 48

Basic Attacks: 50

Strike Supers: 70

Ki Blast Supers: 70



Top: Gogetas clothes

Bottom: Gogetas clothes

Arms: Gogetas clothes

Shoes: Gogeta clothes



Super: Burst Kamehameha/Big Bang Kamehameha/any Ki blast

Super: Meteor Crash/Final Blow/Shining Slash/any Strike super

Super: Split finger shot/Blaster Meteor/any Ki blast

Super: Counter Burst/Super God Strike Flash/God breaker/Burst Rush

Ultimate: Spirit Sword/Victory Rush/Super Saiyan/Super Vegeta

Ultimate: Super Galick Gun/Perfect Kamehameha/Super Electric Strike/Giant Storm

Evasive: Angry Shout


Height: 2

Body: 2

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