Health: 50

Ki: 50

Stamina: 40

Basic Attack: 100

Strike Super: 0

Ki Blast Super: 20


Upper Body: Whis Symbol Gi/Goku Turtle Hermit Gi(Go)

Lower Body: Whis Symbol Gi/Goku Turtle Hermit Gi(Go)

Hands: Whis Symbol Gi/Goku Turtle Hermit Gi(Go)

Feet: Whis Symbol Gi/Goku Turtle Hermit Gi(Go)

Z-Soul: Guess we should fuse into Vegito/Why you!!!/You'll never beat an android/You can be the first victim

Accessory: SSSGSS Goku Wig


Super 1: X20 Kaioken (Skill)

Super 2: Rise to Action (Skill)/Super Drain (Skill)

Super 3: Instant Transmission (Skill)

Super 4: Maximum Charge (Skill)

Ultimate 1: Blue Hurricane (Skill)/Super Kamehameha (Skill)

Ultimate 2: Justice Combination (Skill)

Evasive: Angry Shout (Skill)


The transformation invented by Goku that was used during his fight against Hit, it is good for melee users but must be used cautiously due to fast stamina drain. Do a soft combo into a Super Drain to keep the Kaioken running. You want to keep at least five bars of stamina just to be safe. Maximum Charge can be used during parallel quests and angry shout helps to charge some ki as well. 

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