Attributes: Edit

  • Health: 30
  • Ki: 60
  • Stamina: 32
  • Basic Attack: 30
  • Strike Super: 0
  • Ki Super: 100

Equipment: Edit

  • Body: Goku GT/4 Star Ball
  • Legs: Goku GT/4 Star Ball
  • Hands:Goku GT/4 Star Ball
  • Feet: Goku GT/4 Star Ball
  • Accessory: Sword
  • Z-Soul: Time to go Super Saiyan!

Skill Set: Edit

Description Edit

Really pumps out the Ki.

You can go with a Female to boost Ki damage or Male to round out the melee. Vegito's Clothes could be put in for a ki bonus rather than health.

Z Soul gives auto block while transformed and ups defense a bit, other notables are:

  • This isn't a Game, You Know - to further pour out the Ki damage
  • Guess we should Fuse into Vegito - Take further advantage of transform to increase stats
  • My Power is 530,000 - with Frieza as Mentor to really up the power of Supernova

Supernova is a breather attack, due to it's sticking and wide AOE and decent to hit you can pause enemies for a moment to pull off a Maximum charge. Instant Transmission + Evil Whirlwind functions similarly, knocking the enemy away to give time to charge the kamehameha.

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