Saiyan (Race)
Saiyans are one of the custom character races Saiyans are a very good choice if you want to create a Ki oriented character. They have lower HP than the other races, but higher base attack. Their attack also raises when their HP is low and gain a stat boost after being revived.

Transformations Edit

The Saiyans Have 8 Transformations 4 of them being able to be used by all the other races (Kaioken,X3 Kaioken,X20 Kaioken,Unlock Potential)

  1. Kaioken
  2. X3 Kaioken
  3. X20 Kaioken
  4. Super Saiyan (Skill)
  5. Super Saiyan 2 (Skill)
  6. Super Vegeta (Skill)
  7. Super Vegeta 2 (Skill)
  8. Unlock Potential (Skill)

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