Biography Edit

Super Saiyan 3 is the third form in the Super Saiyan transformation line. It was first unlocked by Goku during his rigorous seven-year training in the other world. It was later unlocked by Gotenks during the battle with Super Buu, as a result of being in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Later on in the Xenoverse 2 story, it is revealed that Bardock has access to this form as well, using it against Mira for a last effort for revenge. Saiyan Created Characters can also use this form if they have five bars of Ki.

Skill Description

Change into Super Saiyan 3! Harder to maintain than Super Saiyan 2, but much stronger.

  • Usable by: Goku, Gotenks, Saiyans (Xenoverse 2 only)
  • Ki used: 300

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