Extremely Variable BuildEdit


  • Health:50
  • Ki:100
  • Stamina:30
  • Basic Attack:60
  • Strike Super:Keep above 30,variable
  • Ki Super:Keep above 30, variable


  • QQ Bang:wathever you want
  • Body:Z Fighting Suit/Mira's Clothes
  • Legs:Z Fighting Suit/Mira's Clothes
  • Feet:Z Fighting Suit/Mira's Clothes
  • Hands:variable
  • Accessory:Angel Halo/Variable

Skill SetEdit

  • Super Skill 1:Instant Transmission/Kai Kai
  • Super Skill 2:God Breaker
  • Super Skill 3:Shadow Crusher
  • Super Skill 4:Blaster Shell/Riot Javelin
  • Evasive Skill:Variable,you can use the one that fits better to your race
  • Ultimate Skill 1:Super Gallick Gun
  • Ultimate Skill 2:Super Ki Explosion
  • Awoken Skill:Potential Unleashed

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