Health: 30

Ki: 100

Stamina: 30

Basic Attack: 40

Strike Super: 0

Ki Blast Super: 100

Height: 2

Body Type: 1


Upper Body: Whis Symbol Battle Suit

Lower Body: Whis Symbol Battle Suit

Hands: Whis Symbol Battle Suit

Feet: Whis Symbol Battle Suit

Z-Soul: Maybe you're just plain stupid/That's my Bulma!/Heh, what dirty fireworks

Accessory: None


Super 1: Counter Burst/Change the Future/God Breaker

Super 2: Final Blow/Hawk Charge

Super 3: Big Bang Attack

Super 4: Maximum Charge

Ultimate 1: Final Flash

Ultimate 2: Super Galick Gun/Super Vegeta

Evasive: Explosive Wave


Replication of SSSGSS Vegeta for non DLC 3 players. It's primarily Ki Based so be careful.

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